About VML

Welcome to the Visual Math Learning web site. Visual Math Learning is a free interactive multimedia on-line tutorial for math students. Its first level, Numbers and Arithmetic, is a pre-Algebra course for middle-school age. Unlike traditional textbooks, Visual Math Learning is designed to run on any personal computer with a modern browser. Its user interface is designed to be simple, consisting mostly of push-buttons and objects familiar to casual computer users.

Teaching methods used before the technological-era include counting with candies, using play dough to help students understand shapes, and many more hands on learning approaches. Visual Math Learning will do the same thing, incorporating the computer skills of today's students. The principal aim of this web site is to provide this new educational tool to parents, teachers, and students who can benefit from it. Access is free and requires no pre-registration or action other than clicking on the links. The tutorial is developed by the author using MacroMedia Flash technology. Visual Math Learning also welcomes participation and partnership with other instructional media organizations and web sites who share our goal of improving math education.

Author: Wayne Allen Bateman